Meet the Team

The UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire team is made up of a diverse selection of people who represent over four thousand UKIP members and thirty branches in our region. The region's leadership team is made up of a Regional Constituency Manager, the Regional Committee, and two representatives from each area of our region.

On this page, you will also be able to find details of UKIP's elected representatives in our region from our MEPs to our local councillors.


UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP's

Jane Collins - MEP Cancidate Mike Hookem - MEP Cancidate
Jane Collins MEP
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Mike Hookem MEP
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Regional Constituency Manager

Gavin Felton

Gavin is a working class lad for Barnsley, who served twenty-four years in the British Army, achieving several qualifications and finishing with the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major.

During his military service, Gavin served his country in many conflicts both at home and abroad, including Northern Ireland, Operation Desert Storm, Rwanda, Kosovo, Bosnia and numerous tours in Iraq.

On leaving the army, Gavin was determined to make a change but did not feel able to support Labour, the party he had voted for most of his life. Instead, he joined UKIP.

“I am an energetic, proactive and adaptable individual, with broad experience in the training, management, and development of high-performing teams that aim to provide outstanding levels of service in a diverse range of environments.”

“I pride myself on being an outstanding communicator at all levels, from the boardroom to the factory floor. I’m able to explain technical or complex information to non-technical people, have the credibility, physical presence and strength of character to effectively ‘get the message across’ (ever mindful of the status and position of the receiver) without detriment to people or process.”

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County Chairs

Steve Whittingham
North Lincolnshire
Paul Spivey
John Lowcock
South Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
East Yorkshire

Regional Committee

Regional Chairwoman - Judith Morris

Regional Chairwoman - Judith Morris

I was born, raised, educated, live and work in the beautiful city of York. I am happily married to Malcolm, a mechanical fitter, and we have two daughters. I run my own business providing English Language and activity courses for foreign students from around the world. I am a fully accredited Welfare Officer by the British Council. In my free time, I love foreign travel, Italy being a particular favorite, reading and visiting places of historical interests both at home and abroad. My particular interest in politics is Europe with special reference to The Lisbon Treaty, the negative effects of the smoking ban in our pubs and clubs, our current Immigration Policy, the negative effects of PC correctness and all matters appertaining to the Education system, especially the unfairness of student debt. As well as being the Chairman for the Region, I am also the Chair of UKIP York and love this role, where we have grown our numbers with much hard work over the last seven years.

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Regional Vice Chair - TBA



Regional Secretary - TBA

Regional Treasurer - Keith Anderson

Regional Treasurer - Keith Anderson

I work as a lecturer in York. Before doing my Ph.D. I was a systems developer in several commercial organisations, including five years as a freelance software consultant at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. I speak good French, German and Russian. I am married to a Russian girl and have two young sons and am actively involved in the York Branch, where I am the Treasurer and enjoy getting out and discussing all matter EU with the electorate.

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