UKIP Wins New Council Seat

Sara Hardman takes Bingley Council Seat from Conservatives


UKIP achieved a fantastic result in the Bingley Town Council by-election in Bradford yesterday, in a field of candidates from all the main UK political parties.

UKIP candidate Sara Hardman took the vacant Crossflats & Micklethwaite seat from the Conservatives with 34.6% of the vote.

Bingley Town Council was newly created last year, Sara will join eight independent, four Labour, and three Conservative councillors.

The full results were:

Sara Hardman UKIP 164 (34.60%)
Steve Williams Conservatives 132 (27.85%)
Lorna Armitage Labour 94 (19.83%)
Matt Edwards Greens 45 (9.49%)
Gary Hudson Independent 39 (8.23%)


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Article first uploaded 06 January - 2017
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