Mike Hookem MEP becomes UKIP Fisheries Spokesman

Fishing industry gets new champion as Paul Nuttall reshuffle gets underway


Mike Hookem MEP said, "For over two years, and at a time of tumultuous change for our armed forces, I have been very honoured, and often humbled, to serve as UKIP’s Defence and Veterans spokesman.

"However, as the UK moves towards leaving the EU, there are several issues that directly affect my constituents that I would like to address in more detail. 

"One of these is the future of the fishing industry. 

"The fishing industry was once the heart and soul of the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire coastal economy but was sold out on our joining the EEC in a last-minute deal. 

"Today, the once-thriving fish docks in places like Hull and Grimsby lay in ruins.

"And what’s left of Britain’s once mighty fishing industry continues its slow decline as the tentacles of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy continue to tighten.

"Currently, the UK allows trawlers from across the EU plunder £1.5 billion of fish from our waters each year, and British boats have only 13% of the fishing quota in our seas. This plundering of our national wealth must stop!

"Brexit is our opportunity to reclaim our seas and revitalise an industry currently on its knees.

 "That is why I am excited UKIP’s new leader Paul Nuttall has appointed me as the Party’s Fisheries Spokesman.  

"I intend to be at the vanguard of making the fishing industry an acid test of Brexit and seeing if the political establishment is serious about our leaving the EU. 

"I also intend to put forward plans to rebuild a new grassroots base for the UK’s fishing industry and proposals to bring fairness and equality into a system that has long been corrupted by the EU. 

"I am also very pleased that Paul has allowed me to retain my role as UKIP’ Veterans Spokesman. 

"There is a great deal of work to do in both areas over the coming years, and I look forward to working on the many challenges that lay ahead."


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Article first uploaded 29 November - 2016
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