Former Deputy Leader Announced as UKIP Leader


Paul Nuttall was today announced as the new UKIP leader, in a landslide victory that saw the North West MEP poll over three times as many votes as his closest rival.

The former UKIP deputy leader swept to power with 62.6% of the votes; beating former deputy chairwoman, Suzanne Evans - who polled 19.3% of the vote - into second place.

However, UKIP activist and businessman, John Rees-Evans ran a close third to Evans with 18.1% of the total vote.

In an energised acceptance speech at London's Emmanual Centre, Mr Nuttall vowed to unify the party saying "we have a duty to unite and represent our four million voters."

And in a show of how quickly he wants to see change, Mr Nuttall took the opportunity to during his speech to announce Peter Whittle as deputy leader; Paul Oakden as party chairman; and MEP colleague Patrick O'Flynn as his main political advisor; saying he was determined to "build a team from all wings of the party."

Speaking of the recent factionalism within UKIP, Mr Nuttall said,"Only Unity breeds success", before adding, "divided parties don't win elections - people don't join, vote, or donate to a divided party."

However, Mr Nuttall issued a warning for those who don't want unity and "want to continue fighting the battles of the past" saying,  "I'm afraid your time in UKIP is coming to an end."   

Please watch and share Paul's first speech as UKIP Leader.


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Article first uploaded 28 November - 2016
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